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Regulations B&B Saint Valentine

Upon arrival: Check in at 16.00 to 12,30 p.m.

a) the registration of documents (identity card, passport or driving license);  
b) the payment, without any exceptions whatsoever, the balance;  
c) the delivery room;  


a) Once in the apartment will need to provide an immediate identification documents valid and compiled with the assistance of those responsible. The data will be communicated on-line anti-crime section of the City of Rome.


B) The customer must cancel a reservation booked is obliged to compensate the B & B for the damage suffered, by paying, in the absence of deposit or otherwise agreed, the price of the service agreed to three days.  
If the owners of B & B were forced to cancel the booking, it will be informed immediately of the same customers. If a deposit has been paid the full deposit will be returned through one of two established procedures (Bank Transfer, Money Order).  
The total settlement will be paid upon arrival at the B & B in cash and is non-refundable in the event of early departure.  
Only after payment will receive the chievi the premises.  


c) - The room is delivered to the guest (check in) from 16.00 to 21.30;  
- Keys: As guests and not just customers, in a relationship of mutual trust, will deliver the keys of the room and the entrance door of the B & B. In the evening, so you can return at any time, and you will be totally indipendent.Le special card and keys on arrival and give yourselves to the balance of payment, are in the custody of guests that will make every effort to keep them in case of loss or cura.In demagnetization of the same will be imposed a fine, fully charge the customer, to exchange for each Serrat (suite - entrance door) to max € 270.00.Poichè the front door is for common use, is forbidden to leave the key in the lock in lock to allow other guests and us access libero.Si Please do not slam the door but to accompany her. - The keys provided must be returned on the day of departure;  
- Prohibitions: inside the B & B is not allowed to smoke, bring animals. It 'did also forbidden to receive visits or accommodate persons other than those covered by the contract and recorded.  
- Guests must respect the silence after 22:00 hours, please do not slam the door, to accompany her;  
-L 's use of the Services' means in respect of both parties.  


a) Time of departure  
b) Damage  
c) Complaints  


a) the day of departure always leave the room before 10.30 am to facilitate the smooth running of cleaning;  
- Those who wish to stay beyond that time must be agreed in advance with the owner (if there are no other bookings) and may not extend beyond 15:30 pm. Given that further use is required to pay a "late check-out (additional fee) equal to 50% of the normal daily rate of the room;  


b)-Damage: If the client, resulting in damage to housing or its contents, the customer will be liable for the damage and its costs will be charged to the customer at the time of departure.  
The customer explicitly exempts the operator from liability for any direct or indirect damages that may be caused by breaks innocent of services;  
-Every guest at the end of stay, will return the keys. In case of loss will be required to reimburse the cost for the standard  
replacement / repair of the lock.  


c)-Complaints: Any complaint must be sent to the leaders of the B & B by the end of the agreed period of stay.  
We will not accept requests for reimbursements that were received after completing the period of stay at our B & B.  
For any dispute that may not be able to privately resolve, the parties shall first turn to the Arbitration Court attached to the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. Where in that seat, it was not possible to find a conciliatory solution, the contestants will take legal action as expressly recognizing the jurisdiction of Rome.  
This Regulation shall be considered accepted and signed in all its points already when booking the room.  
Privacy and data treatment.  
. The data provided will be used in compliance with the obligations of confidentiality set by the relevant laws-D. lgs. 196 of 2003 - and will be processed through  
instruments that ensure the security of the data on their use will be exclusively for our internal administrative structure and the  
communications made mandatory by law to police authorities and public authorities concerned.  
Spagnolo Valentina. For examination and expressed acceptance.

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